Chinese New Year (Expect Delays On Most Purchases)

The Chinese New Year is the longest holiday celebrated in China. It is a 15 days celebration where most manufactures and shipping carriers close their doors for up to two weeks. This ends up affecting many other business across the globe. 

RemarKable101 is one of the businesses that gets affected by the celebrations. Due to having most of our manufactures and suppliers in China, we expect processing delays on most orders received from Feb 2nd through Feb 18 2021.

To prevent upset customer, we decided to reduce our marketing expenses for this period of time and pass on the savings to our email subscribers. 

Store wide 15% OFF on all purchases made from 02/02/2021 though 02/16/2021; the discount will auto apply at check out.   

If your believe your order could or is being affected by this situation, do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. Your order might be delayed, but it will definitely get to you after the celebrations are over. 

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