Why was my purchase shipped from China?

To prevent deviating from our goals, we ship most of our products directly from our manufactures and suppliers. The majority of our products come from China. China is the perfect manufacturing country due to its below average production and labor costs. As of 2019, China is the largest manufacturing country in the world. Because of its low production and labor costs, companies like Dell, Apple, and Nike manufacture many of their products in China. 

Apart from labor and manufacturing costs, transportation/shipping is one of the main costs influencing the never ending increase in consumers pricing. At the end of the day, all this extra expenses are transferred to the consumer directly, higher products pricing, or indirectly with extra services such as Amazon Prime.

As you may already know, our goal to provide our customers a remarkable experience by providing exceptional customer service, quality products, and affordable pricing. Manufacturing and shipping from china allow us to comply with our goals; it is an effective cost saving tactic. We do ship some products from the USA depending on the shipping cost; It is all a balance between fast shipping and pricing. 

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